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Month: January 2018

My Luxurious Day – Nikita Hair

“The salon is very chic. I love the modern and minimalistic vibe” Annie A to Z  23 July 2017 Thank you, Nikita Hair for making this collaboration possible. As always, all opinions are my own! Annie Alvarez The founder of Nikita Hair, Inger Ellen Nicolaisen welcomed us into her beautiful home, a first for me. I usually meet […]

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“It's an enjoyable atmosphere to get pampered in with some of the industry's most talented professionals who truly love what they do, and it shows.”

Norway Travels – Nikita Hair USA

      I say this every year, but where has the time gone? This year, there were hardly any “should haves.” Most goals were met (and exceeded) and many unexpected opportunities presented themselves that I never would have dreamed of… at least not this early in my blogging career. One of those where the stars perfectly […]

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Best New Haircare: Nikita Hair USA

Hi friends! I had the pleasure and honor to attend an event with Nikita Hair USA last week and I want to share my thoughts on the event and also give you some helpful information about the brand. Nikita Hair got its name from the Elton John song, “Nikita”.  How cool is that?! Even though I was […]

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The House that Hair Built

  While visiting with the staff of Nikita, it became evident that Nikita is built on family. Inger is a mother to many, but most importantly her fourteen children. Three of which are her biological children and even more that are adopted (although it seems as though even she has forgotten which  is which). We […]

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