1. Great earning potential – commission on services and product sales
  2. Career opportunities – Potential to work internationally
  3. Supplemental Health Insurance available
  4. Rewards and incentives
  5. Hair supplies and and styling tools provided
  6. Your personal coach
  7. Personal services for free and discounts for family members
  8. Ongoing education: Personal, creative, and business development at Nikita Academy


Unique salon signature Collection Eleni & Chris seminars
Color Program
VOKE Master Hair Extension
Nikita Concept courses
Business Academy

The Nikita Hair Creative Team

You can grow with us! You can be part of the Nikita Hair Creative Team, which consists of a select group of Nikita Hair professionals, each with a passionate interest in hair and in pursuit of a creative career. The Nikita Creative Team produces new hair collections each year. It is created for Nikita’s clients and forms the basis for the hairdressers’ work. The Nikita Hair Creative Team holds its own shows and courses and produces its own portfolio. The members compete every year, both nationally and internationally.

Career Opportunities

Want to work at an exciting company with its own Academy, one that focuses on maximizing your potential for success? Now is a good time to get started!