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A Hand to Children

The Foundation

It all began in 1995 when Inger Ellen Nicolaisen came in contact with the Globos Namai Children’s Home in Lithuania by coincident.

The children had been given some bottles of shampoo she had mailed, and in return she received some photographs of the children laying with the shampoo bottles under their duvets – like they had been given little teddy bears.

The pictures touched her heart and she and her oldest daughter, Linda, decided that they wanted to do more for the children in the children’s home. They travelled to Lithuania to visit the home. When they arrived, they met 32 children who lived under very poor conditions. They immediately took action to improve the lives of the children.

This was the start of a long-term commitment and the private foundation “A Hand to Children” was established on November 15th, 2000.



The Foundation’s Goal

To give orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children a better life and hope for the future.””

Our goal is to help children in children’s homes, as well as those in difficult situations, to give them better lives and hope for the future.

The foundation is concerned involved with the rights of children and supports several projects involving children. We ensure that they receive clothes, food, medicines, clean water and education, etc.

The foundation closely monitors its projects and ensures that all donations go exactly to what they are intended for.

All work performed by the foundation is unpaid and done on a voluntary basis.

For every haircut, Nikita Hair will donate a portion of the proceeds to support this organization.

Inger has been working to support children in need for more than two decades. She has 14 children who call her mom.
“The fact that I gave them love and I was loved in return was a precious gift to me, which I will carry in my heart forever.”

(Sipel Amedi – Nikita Hair Sweden)

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