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Want to Join the Adventure?

Do you want to work at an exciting company with its own academy, one that focuses on maximizing your potential for success?

Now is a good time to get started!  

NOW HIRING in Charleston, SC

NOW HIRING in Frisco, TX


    10 Great Reasons to Join the Nikita Hair Team

    1. Great earning potential
      commission on services and product sales
    2. Career opportunities
      potential to grow in the company and work internationally
    3. Supplemental health insurance available
    4. Rewards, incentives and discounts on products
    5. Personal success plan to help you succeed
    6. Hair supplies and styling tools provided
    7. Free services for team members
      plus discounts for family members
    8. Potential to earn annual bonus
      earned through dedication and loyalty
    9. Continuing education
      personal, creative, professional training and business Hair Academy
    10. Make money as you sleep
      commission on online sale

    This is What Our Stylists Say About Nikita Hair

    “Nikita Hair is GREAT and it is so fun to work here.”
    “I feel like I have grown so much as part of the Nikita Hair team!”
    “Our Nikita Hair team is family, and we love to welcome our clients into our salon!”
    “There is always a new course to take, product to try, competition to enter, and so much creative inspiration in our salon…I love Nikita!”
    “Nikita Hair is an awesome place to work! We are MOVE UP”
    “I love all of the opportunity to learn and grow with Nikita Hair!”